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Destination Bridal Stylist Cancun Riviera Maya Mexico

Your Hair before your Wedding Day

We often just think about the type of hair we want to wear and we forget that taking care of our hair before the wedding day is as important as finding the style of hairstyle for a bride.
The first thing you should do is to pay attention to the type of hair you have in order to apply the most appropriate treatment.
If you want your hair looks good, first of all you have to start repairing from the inside out.Taking a few supplements will make those difficult strands a thing of the past.
Zinc is good for your hair as well as your nails and skin. Food such as oysters, nuts, chicken and yoghurt are full of zinc (or you can take a supplement!). We also recommends eating food rich in Vitamin B, such as avocados, nuts, spirulina, eggs and quinoa. Vitamin B is responsible for keeping you hair thick, help it grow and preventing it from breaking.
It’s important to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. You should be avoiding shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals that damage your hair and leave it looking dry and dull.

Destination Bridal Stylist Cancun Riviera Maya Mexico

Another tip we recommend is to schedule a trial, it will confirm your style, colour and length and will help you get on track to achieving the look that you want.

If you want to test a new hair colour, don’t do make any drastic changes to your hair, get your final colour 2 week before your big day, not a few days before. This means that it will give your hair the time it needs to settle and also gives you enough time to make any changes needed. If you hate it, you have plenty of time to change it or grow it back.
If you’ve decided to wear your hair down or half-up, you’ll want your hair looking as healthy as possible. Treat yourself to an in-salon deep conditioning treatment. These treatments don’t just coat the hair they actually push much-needed nutrients further into the hair follicles, restoring moisture. If you’re wearing your hair up you can skip the treatment, your hair is easier to work with when it’s more textured.

Take in mind to wash your hair the night before your wedding day (not the day off) as the oils will help the style you have chosen hold better.

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